Yoga Training For You - Private yoga instruction - Personal and Convenient (and Fun!)
Personal yoga training sessions for You ... Or practice with a friend or two (or more!)
Arrange for a private lesson or for a series of private lessons. Perfect for preparing to join a class, or for getting individual instruction about alignment, answers to questions about poses, or for focusing the training session on whatever you choose.
Why Personal Training for Yoga?
Because personal training appointments are offered at your convenience. You choose when and where. And because during each session you will receive personal, individual attention. You will be guided through a series of Yoga movements and your body alignment will be observed and adjusted throughout each practice. Most importantly YOU will learn how to correctly align your body to perform each Yoga pose. A fraction of an inch can make an incredible difference between correct and effective postures, or incorrect and ineffective postures. Incorrect posture can lead to pain and injury. You will practice using your breath to flow from one pose to another; and, you will know where the appropriate focal points are and how to use them to deepen your practice. These are just the beginnings of what a personal trainer will do to help you learn more about yoga. A personal trainer ensures that you will learn Yoga the correct way - safely and effectively.
Convenient because private instruction is about making the session convenient for you ...
... choose a time and location that best fits into your schedule.

**Introductory and continuing sessions include...
instruction about alignmentat least 21 basic postures
ongoing assessmentmodifications
ujjayi breathingvisualization

Benefits: What can Yoga do for Me?
-Increase your energy level-Decrease stress
-Feel calmer-Learn to relax
-Increase strength and flexibility-Learn to focus your mind
-Lose or gain weight .....for much more information: Benefits of yoga

Yoga is a COMPLETE workout that will keep your body fit - for the rest of your life!

Love a little, laugh a little, bend a little...
With Yoga...Every Day is Good!
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