Yoga Foundations classes

Start yoga any time.
Classes are ongoing.
Begin with an introduction session.
We will cover yoga information and class basics.
Yoga introduction about 30 minutes - price $25.00

Yoga class descriptions:
Breath, Body, and Bandha - 1 hour class
Spend an hour doing yoga, gently stretching and energizing your body. Class finishes with relaxation, allowing you to completely de-stress and leave with new energy and a feeling of tranquility. This class is a good way to begin yoga. Start here, learn the fundamentals of breath and movement. Each yoga posture has variations, so that you are able to begin the class at your own level. As you become more proficient in your yoga practice, use some of the variations to work at a deeper level, still within the same class.
Hatha yoga - Ashtanga Flow - 1 1/2 hour class
Synchronize movement with breath, flow from one yoga posture to another. Learn to tune in to your body in order to comfortably and safely find your edge in each posture, or asana. End each class with shavasana, or corpse pose-a relaxation period that gives your body an opportunity to absorb the energy created during your practice. This class is based on the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, and is designed to ultimately produce a high heat, high-energy workout. Start your practice with Sun Salutations, move on to standing asanas, followed by a seated sequence, known as the Primary series, and finish with the closing poses and shavasana. Each asana has modifications, allowing for all levels of experience, from newcomer to those currently practicing yoga. Gradually build up to a yoga routine that is meant to break and maintain a sweat. Hatha yoga - Ashtanga Flow class is appropriate for those looking for an invigorating yoga practice to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit.

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