About Yoga Foundations

When you take a class at Yoga Foundations, your practice should feel good. I want you to feel great during the class, and to end the class feeling even better. Learn yoga, here at Yoga Foundations, in a way that will make your yoga session a highlight of your day.

Safety and body alignment are my first priorities. Your yoga experience will begin with a session that will teach you the foundations for a safe yoga practice. You will learn how to move through the postures safely, learn how to stay aware of how your body feels, and learn how to keep your breath moving.

Anyone can do yoga. All the yoga postures can be modified to all levels of ability. They can also be modified to reflect how you feel that day - energetic or tired. Having an "old and tired practice" is just fine, and when you finish you will feel good!

Namaste, Audrey

Namaste is a greeting in which we recognize the equality of all. In a moment of connection, we pay honor to the sacredness and interconnection of all, as well as to the source of that interconnection.

About Audrey

Audrey found her niche in life when she took her first Ashtanga yoga class. Although hesitant to try yoga because she had always enjoyed more active fitness classes such as aerobics, kickboxing, or step, Audrey found something new developing as she followed her yoga path. She discovered that practicing yoga means staying focused on everything the present moment has to offer. That focus on breath, mentally scanning her body to see how the stretch felt in each muscle, led to developing single-minded concentration. The single-minded concentration during the physical practice of yoga carries over to the relaxation, or Shavasana. It became less difficult to let go of the whirlwind of thoughts, and easier to simply quiet her mind and relax.

Audrey has always been physically active, spending 10 years as an aerobics instructor while living in Germany. Upon returning to the states she took a job teaching gymnastics. During this time she took her first yoga class and the journey began.

The high points in Audrey's yoga trainings have been the times spent learning with David Williams. A once-in-a-lifetime event, the first Yoga Mela, brought together David Williams, David Swenson, and Danny Paradise for the first time in 30 years, and Audrey was lucky enough to be able to attend this week-long celebration of yoga. She has attended trainings in other forms of yoga, such as Power Yoga and Yin Yoga. Additionally, while living in New Hampshire, she was able to attend several yoga workshops at the well-known Kripalu Center in Lennox, Massachusetts. Although Audrey has attended yoga training in disciplines other than Ashtanga, she keeps returning to this practice. “I love the way the postures flow with the breath, and come together like a dance” she says.

Audrey's main objectives in teaching yoga are safety, proper posture, and correct body alignment. Audrey's new students all begin with a private lesson. This is a personalized introduction that teaches basics about yoga movement, use of breath and bandhas, and a little information about yoga in general.

She attempts to teach her students that yoga is something that can be done for the rest of their lives, and should be incorporated into their lives just like eating and sleeping are. She is especially firm that women should make time to practice yoga. She says, “Women tend to put themselves at the bottom of the priority list, after children, family, house, job, etc. It is so important to take some Me Time! Just a little yoga can have benefits you can't even imagine. Until you try and see for yourself!”

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  • Certified through NESTA